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Daily Plant-based Meals. Delivered.

Cleanse-focused meals, cold-pressed juices and snacks made fresh daily. 


our kitchen

  • Vibrant + Fresh

    Our menu is fresh & whole; serving the most nutrient-dense, fibre rich foods out there. Our juices are cold-pressed daily to ensure no vitamins or minerals are left behind.

  • Plant-based

    Plant-based is more than vegan. Our meals are more than simply excluding any dairy, eggs, animal protein or by-products. We are completely gluten, soy, canola, preservative & artificial free.

  • Daily Delivery

    Our meal plan comes with daily evening delivery in the city to make sure you are prepped the moment you wake up. This ensures your meals don't lose their nutritional value throughout the week.

July Cleanse : Pre-Order

Support our phase 2 launch by pre-ordering your Spring meal plan! Our meals are naturally cleansing & energizing, perfect to kick-start your season. Choose between 1 or 4 weeks, being delivered daily starting July, 2019.

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By pre-ordering from your launch campaign, when can I expect my meals?

We will be sending out our first round of meals for the week of May 27th, 2019.

Want to make that happen? Support our launch! By receiving pre-orders, we are better able to customize our in-house commercial kitchen & serve you cleansing, nourishing foods. Your pre-order supports our sustainable foot-print within the community & ensures our launch success. Once our pre-order launch wraps up, we will transition to our regular week-by-week subscription offering. 

When is delivery?

We deliver daily meals for your week; Sunday through Thursday to accommodate a Monday-Friday menu.  Expect us between 3-7pm.

You deliver daily, what if I'm not home?

No worries! We place your meals at your door. Feel free to provide a cooler or special instructions. If living in an apartment, simply give us access to enter. Alternatively, you are always welcome to pick-up on location. If for any reason, our drivers cannot access your door or drop meals as per instructed, we will keep them at the store-front for you. 

I'm not vegan, are you the right meal service for me?

Awaken is inclusive! Our meal service isn't plant-based to exclude omnivores, we focus on vegan foods to encourage more fruit and veggie consumption. This translates to a diet higher in water & hydration, fibre, vitamins and minerals to help your body do what is was designed to do, thrive! Our meal plan works great as a supplement to any omnivore regime, but also serves as a full-nutrient support for those who exclude animal products from their intake. 

What do you mean by cleanse-focused and detoxifying?

Awaken meals are unlike any vegan meal plans currently offered in Ottawa. Instead of replacing animal protein with epic portions of beans and grains (slowing down your system), we focus on balance. Your body already detoxifies and cleanses naturally, without encouragement. We have adapted and evolved to filter, process and rebalance internally. However, this pathway is often not optimized. What does that mean? It means after times of stress, illness, years of poor intake or a polluted environment, our body's detoxifying systems (like the lympathic system, liver & kidneys) are hindered. If your body is constantly trying to keep up and rebalance for you, bone strength, cravings and mental health suffer.

Our body is protective, it will pull nutrients and minerals from our bones to rebalance, crave more foods to make up for the lack and offset our natural mental and hormonal state as nutrient accessibility fluctuates. You don't need to only eat alkaline. You don't need to buy the expensive supplements. You don't need to have the perfect diet like your favorite social-media blogger apparently has. You just need to be willing to come home to your body, to listen and to give yourself the opportunity to heal. 

So, what do these meals consist of?

As mentioned, we have a long list of ingredients we never use: animal products (including dairy and eggs), gluten, soy, canola, sugars, artificial colors + flavours and preservatives.

Our meal plan comes with one 500ml cold-pressed juice and two entrees daily. (You are welcome to swap any meal for an added 1 litre of cold-pressed juice on request).

Our entrees are salad bowls, soups, nourishing plates and bento boxes. Our salads range from summery fruit salads, to dark green buddah bowls with thicker dressings. Our soups are made simply with almost no oils, like our tomato & beet Red Soup or ayurvedic Orange Soup. Our plates range from buckwheat dolmas, to raw lasagna, nori roll-ups and taco salad in a baked sweet potato. Our bento-boxes are perfect for afternoon munching on dehydrated crackers, activated nuts, seed pates, dried fruits & fresh veggies.

We can accomodate dietary preferences and restrictions, as well as cleanse intensity. Should our weekly menu not serve the lightness or density you need, let us know! We can remove heavier ingredients, or add more in. We meet you where you're at. 

Your meal service is a subscription, how does that work?

Our pre-order campaign is not a subscription : simply opt to order 1 or 4 weeks of meals + cold-pressed juices! Once it wraps, we will transition to the below subscription service:

We offer weekly plans. This means that your subscription is per week. Your card is only charged (same day and same time) once a week. As long as you let us know of a cancellation or a pause in service by Friday at 5pm, your card won't be charged. Don't worry, you get a reminder email. Since we work with fresh ingredients, if you forget to cancel or let us know, your card will be charged. Instead of a refund, we can credit this to any future week within a 6 month period. 

Although we do not refund a subscription cancelled too-late for us to accommodate, we will happily replace any meal you are not satisfied with. If you are unsure, request a free sample to try us on for size.